AROMECurrently selected. AROME is a high resolution (2.5 km) weather forecast model which is used by various weather services in Europe. On the WZ, forecasts from Meteo France and the Norwegian Weather Service are shown for western Europe and northern Europe, respectively.
HARMONIE40The selected variable and region is available, but not for 2019-10-20, 09:00. You will switch back to the first available time step.
HIRLAM (FMI)The selected time, variable and region is available for this model. HIRLAM (High Resolution Limited Area Model) is an operational synoptic and mesoscale weather prediction model managed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The data is updated 4 times a day at 00, 06, 12 and 18 UTC. Corresponding model runs are available roughly five hours after analysis time (~ after model run has started).
0Sun 20 Oct 06:00
3Sun 20 Oct 09:00
6Sun 20 Oct 12:00
9Sun 20 Oct 15:00
12Sun 20 Oct 18:00
15Sun 20 Oct 21:00
18Mon 21 Oct 00:00
21Mon 21 Oct 03:00
24Mon 21 Oct 06:00
27Mon 21 Oct 09:00
30Mon 21 Oct 12:00
33Mon 21 Oct 15:00
36Mon 21 Oct 18:00
39Mon 21 Oct 21:00
42Tue 22 Oct 00:00

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