COSMOCurrently selected. COSMO is the high resolution regional forecast model of DWD. It covers Central Europe with a resolution of 2.8 km and is run 8 times a day (0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21 UTC). Forecast period is 27 h.
HIRLAMThe selected variable and region is available, but not for 2020-03-29, 07:00. You will switch back to the first available time step. HIRLAM is a regional model used by many weather services. WZ offers the Dutch (KNMI) and Finnish (FMI) version. It covers Europe with 10 km resolution and is calculated 4 times per day with 48 h forecasts.
ICONThe selected time, variable and region is available for this model. ICON is the global weather forecast of the German weather service (DWD) with a grid spacing of approx. 13 km globally (Europe nest: 6 km). Model output is available up to 180 hours ahead for the 0Z and 12Z runs, and up to 120 hours for the 6Z and 18Z runs.
WRFThe selected time, variable and region is available for this model. WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting model) is a freely available weather forecast model. WRF version 3.9 is run on the WZ servers and offers 4 forecasts per day up to 72 hours. It is currently run with a horizontal grid spacing of 5 km and uses the WRF single-moment 3 class microphysics scheme, the YSU PBL scheme and the Dudhia radiation scheme.
1Sun 29 Mar 07:00
2Sun 29 Mar 08:00
3Sun 29 Mar 09:00
4Sun 29 Mar 10:00
5Sun 29 Mar 11:00
6Sun 29 Mar 12:00
7Sun 29 Mar 13:00
8Sun 29 Mar 14:00
9Sun 29 Mar 15:00
10Sun 29 Mar 16:00
11Sun 29 Mar 17:00
12Sun 29 Mar 18:00
13Sun 29 Mar 19:00
14Sun 29 Mar 20:00
15Sun 29 Mar 21:00
16Sun 29 Mar 22:00
17Sun 29 Mar 23:00
18Mon 30 Mar 00:00
19Mon 30 Mar 01:00
20Mon 30 Mar 02:00
21Mon 30 Mar 03:00
22Mon 30 Mar 04:00
23Mon 30 Mar 05:00
24Mon 30 Mar 06:00
25Mon 30 Mar 07:00
26Mon 30 Mar 08:00
27Mon 30 Mar 09:00
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